Speciale Competizione (Colpo)

100% fluorocarbon hooklink – Colpo “Speciale Competizione” is the brand name given specifically to the Grand Max range which is distributed within the Italian, French and Spanish markets. It is one of the strongest fluorocarbons in the world for the diameter.
It is virtually invisible in water. Colpo “Speciale Competizione” not only lends itself to perfect fly fishing tippet material but is now widely accepted as the premier match fishing hooklink. It is slightly softer than Trota and has a higher breaking strain for diameter. Using standard knots it will retain 100% strength over time in water, compared to 20% strength loss of nylon.

Formerly known as “Riverge Colpo” it was rebranded as “Seaguar Colpo “Speciale Competizione” in 2022

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Product Options

Product Code Diameter (mm) Rating Strength (kg) Strength (lb) Length (m) Length (yd) Length (ft)
NYRIC065 0.065mm 0.45 50
NYRIC071 0.071mm 0.52 50
NYRIC080 0.080mm 0.61 50
NYRIC088 0.088mm 0.73 50
NYRIC096 0.096mm 0.95 50
NYRIC112 0.112mm 1.375 50
NYRIC125 0.125mm 1.75 50
NYRIC135 0.135mm 2.22 50
NYRIC152 0.152mm 2.88 50
NYRIC170 0.170mm 3.2 50
NYRIC195 0.190mm 4.51 50