Grand Max

100% fluorocarbon tippet – Seaguar Grand Max is one of the strongest fluorocarbons in the world for the diameter. It is virtually invisible in water. Fluorocarbon tippets sink readily without treatment as they are heavier than nylon. Seaguar Grand Max is slightly softer than Seaguar Riverge and has a higher breaking strain for diameter. Using standard knots it will retain 100% strength over time in water, compared to 20% strength loss of nylon.


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Product Code Diameter (mm) Rating Strength (kg) Strength (lb) Length (m) Length (yd) Length (ft)
GRMAX0.0730 0.074mm 30yds
GRMAX0.0830 0.083mm 30yds
GRMAX0.0930 0.090mm 30yds
GRMAX8X30 0.104mm 2.4 30yds
GRMAX7X30 0.115mm 3.5 30yds
GRMAX0.12830 0.128mm 30yds
GRMAX6X30 0.14mm 4.75 30yds
GRMAX5X30 0.16mm 6 30yds
GRMAX4X30 0.185mm 7.5 30yds
GRMAX3X30 0.21mm 9.5 30yds
GRMAX2X30 0.24mm 12.5 30yds
GRMAX1X30 0.26mm 14.5 30yds
GRMAX0X30 0.285mm 16.5 30yds
GRMAX01X30 0.33mm 18 30yds
GRMAX02X30 0.36mm 22 30yds
GRMAX03X30 0.39mm 24 30yds
GRMAX0.43MM30 0.435mm 30yds
GRMAX0.47MM30 0.47mm 30yds
GRMAX0.52MM30 0.52mm 30yds
GRMAX0.07100 0.074mm 100yds
GRMAX0.08100 0.083mm 100yds
GRMAX0.09100 0.090mm 100yds
GRMAX8X100 0.104mm 2.4 100yds
GRMAX7X100 0.115mm 3.5 100yds
GRMAX0.128100 0.128mm 100yds
GRMAX6X100 0.14mm 4.75 100yds
GRMAX5X100 0.16mm 6 100yds
GRMAX4X100 0.185mm 7.5 100yds
GRMAX3X100 0.21mm 9.5 100yds
GRMAX2X100 0.24mm 12.5 100yds
GRMAX1X100 0.26mm 14.5 100yds
GRMAX0X100 0.285mm 16.5 100yds
GRMAX01X100 0.33mm 18 100yds
GRMAX02X100 0.36mm 22 100yds
GRMAX03X100 0.39mm 24 100yds